Google CEO to testify in Oracle lawsuit

Forget social networking Larry, Oracle wants a word in court
Kerry Butters

July 23, 2011
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The patents wars rage on, as yesterday Google CEO Larry Page was ordered by the court to testify in the ongoing lawsuit brought by Oracle in the case concerning the alleged patent infringement for Java.

It has been reported that the judge presiding over the case has strong suspicions on the question of ‘wilful infringement’.

The order, which was issued on Thursday, states that: “Oracle may depose Mr. Page for a maximum of two hours, excluding breaks, solely on topics relevant to the wilfulness of Defendant’s alleged patent infringement, and the value of Android to Defendant”.

Whilst the potential damages concerning the case are substantial as they can lead to ‘triple damages’ in cases of wilful infringement, Oracle is now seeking additional damages for intellectual property rights.

Oracle claim that Google used Java-based technology in their Android platform and further to this, directly copied parts of code used by Java into the platform.

The news comes as Page will have equally important things on his mind, such as the launch of new products (a little thing called Google+ is on the go at the moment), and the race to ensure that Google remains ahead of the game when it comes to online advertising revenue.

Oracle took over Sun Microsystems in early 2010 and filed the suit in August. Whilst initially the court action was brought about relating to mobile products, Oracle is now seeking further costs relating to the effect of the alleged infringement on the non-mobile market.

Two further software developers are also to be deposed in the case: Bob Lee and Tom Lindholm, engineers that worked for Google and Sun respectively, who were both involved in the development of Android.

However, we will have to see how the case proceeds as the judge deemed both companies to be “asking for the moon” and suggested that both parties needed to be more reasonable in their demands.


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