Google Toolbar no longer supported for Firefox 5

Search engine decides Firefox 5 can do almost everything toolbar can, so scraps support
Darren Allan

July 26, 2011
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Google has decided that it will no longer maintain support for the Google Toolbar in modern versions of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

In a post on the Google Toolbar blog, the company noted that Firefox 5 already did much of what the toolbar could achieve with features that had been built into the browser by Mozilla. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to support the toolbar any longer.

The company wrote: “For Firefox users, many features that were once offered by Google Toolbar for Firefox are now already built right into the browser. Therefore, while Google Toolbar for Firefox works on versions up to and including Firefox 4 only, it will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions.”

Some Google Toolbar users aren’t happy with the move and note that there are functions built into the toolbar which the latest version of Firefox doesn’t handle.

Google makes a list of suggestions to cover these holes, mainly using a number of Firefox add-ons to cover bases such as Gmail notifications and page sharing. Suggestions which haven’t been too well received by some members of the community.

They’ve called for Google to make its toolbar open source, so that interested parties can continue to maintain its functionality should they wish.

At least folks can’t level the accusation at Google of attempting to force users to switch to Chrome from Firefox, as Google’s own browser doesn’t support the toolbar either.

It would seem Google does indeed see the bar as an outdated piece of tech, but not everyone agrees.

There could be one winner here – any disgruntled Firefox users are unlikely to switch back to IE, and with Chrome not an option for the toolbar either, that possibly leaves a boost for Opera on the cards.

Unless Google does make the code open source, of course. It hasn’t reacted to such suggestions yet.


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