LG 55 inch OLED TV coming next year

Smaller OLED displays not proving profitable, so it's time for the big guns

July 26, 2011

LED TV sets are expensive. Very expensive. And that’s just the smaller models – so who knows how much the set LG has just said it’s planning to release in 2012 will cost.

While detailing its Q2 results, LG reportedly revealed that it’s set on bringing out a 55 inch OLED TV next year, according to What Hi-Fi magazine.

The mammoth TV is way bigger than the company’s previous OLED efforts, which have been screens half this size (or portable-sized affairs, even), which as we’ve already said can be expensive enough.

We’d anticipate the 55 inch set costing in excess of 15 grand, most likely, but it should offer a fabulous quality picture in an incredibly slim-lined body for such as large display.

The company reckons it won’t be mass producing these yet – obviously not at that cost – but there will be a decent volume of the TV knocked out for rich buyers who can affors to sink that much into their display.

According to What Hi-Fi, LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo told the assembled reporters: “Initial production volume would be only tens of thousands of units due to limited production facilities, but we will expand them to a mass production system, observing market reactions.”

Apparently smaller OLED displays and tablet screens have just not proved profitable enough, so LG is speculatively hoping to open up the large screen market.

Fingers crossed that this works out and prices come down, but it seems doubtful that big OLED screens will be affordable any time soon, given the current beefy premium on the technology.


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