Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 out a week today

More refined and slimmer 10 inch slate about to arrive, PC World gets one day exclusive
Adam Smith
Adam Smith -

Samsung’s latest full-size Galaxy Tab is set to go on sale a week today.

The new refreshed Tab 10.1 was tinkered with after the iPad 2 came out with its slimmer lines, and made the original 10 inch Tab look like something of a chunky beast.

This forced Samsung to go back to the drawing board to ensure its offering didn’t look low-tech in comparison to Apple’s.

So the revamped Galaxy Tab is lighter with a more svelte profile, and more thoughtfully designed outer body in general. It also has some other updated bits and pieces, such as a more sophisticated accelerometer and gyro.

Unfortunately, one negative side effect of going on this diet is that the slate has lost its 8 megapixel camera, which has been replaced by a 3 megapixel affair.

At any rate, Samsung’s new Tab 10.1 was expected to launch on the August 3rd next week, but it seems the device will be out a day earlier than this for those in London.

PC World in Tottenham Court Road has a one day exclusive on August 2nd for those who want to get their mitts on the slate first in the UK.

Samsung has definitely taken the tablet world seriously, quickly producing three slates to rival the iPad. The very first Tab was a 7 inch model, and there’s also an 8.9 inch slate ready to come out which should emerge mid-August in the UK.

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