Steam dominates digital game sales

Steam top of the digital distribution gaming world, and by some way
Matthew Turner

July 26, 2011
Steam Store

Digital video game distribution platform Steam has dominated digital game retail throughout H1 2011, according to independent research.

It’s no real surprise, but the report from Forecasting & Analysing Digital Entertainment (FADE) shows that Steam brings in more revenue than any of its competitors.

Throughout June alone it is understood to have made an estimated $468 million, compared to what is considered its main rival, Xbox Live Arcade, which made just $66.2 million in the same period.

Sales figures for Sony’s PlayStation Network were not available for analysis.

Game developer Valve has had the most success in the digital world, dominating the industry with hits such as Left 4 Dead, Portal 2 and the Half-Life franchise.

Valve has impressed in the PC charts but, perhaps more significantly, they have grown in popularity amongst Mac users since introducing Mac support to Steam in May 2010.

However, despite the immense success that Steam has enjoyed, there are competitors who expect Steam’s revenue figures to drop.

GamersGate is an alternative to Steam and offers the luxury of users not being required to log in to a client in order to access their purchases.

Theo Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate, says that digital retail side of Steam is peaking and he expects them to lose some market share from hereon in.


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