Three Free iMovie alternatives for iPhone

iMovie is a great video editing app but there are cost-effective alternatives that can add a new spin to your clips. Here’s a selection of the best...
Ben Harvell

July 26, 2011

Apple has done a great job with its mobile movie editor, iMovie, but it does cost £2.99 by comparison to a number of free options that produce films of equal quality.

While iMovie’s focus is on speed and simplicity, the following selection of apps can help you to put together a complete film from your iPhone video clips at no cost.

You can even share them on the web or back to your computer as you can in Apple’s app.

Whether you’re looking for a free alternative to iMovie or you’ve grown tired of the limited titles and transitions it offers, these apps will help you shoot, edit and share your masterpiece more easily and without breaking the bank.


Videolicious turns a process that normally takes about quarter of an hour into a five minute job with its easy to use interface and multiple templates.

Your involvement in making a movie with Videolicious is as simple picking a theme, selecting your clips, choosing a soundtrack and recording a short piece to camera explaining the footage.

From there, Videolicious does all the hard work, intelligently piecing together your clips into a finished movie that you can then share on FaceBook, YouTube or via email.

With more than twenty templates available and even some designed to be sent to television shows and websites, you won’t be stuck for ideas when it comes to sharing your iPhone videos.

iMotion HD

A slight twist on iPhone movies, iMotion HD is a free stop motion video creator and time lapse video recorder in one.

Using a simple interface, iMotion HD allows you to make your own animations one frame at a time as well as setting your iPhone to record snapshots of a scene or object at preset intervals in order to create a time lapse effect.

This free app does lack the export options available in the paid version, but is a great way to get more creative with your iPhone and show off the unique results to friends and family from your iPhone’s screen.


The free version of Splice is identical to its paid sibling besides the inclusion of advertising, offering you a fully-fledged movie editor at no cost.

The app guides you through the moviemaking process one step at a time, allowing you to pick the quality, orientation and border for your project.

From there you can choose transition types, titles and borders before adding your photos and video.

Once complete you can edit and trim any section of the video you want to change and even add effects to individual clips including zoom and slow motion.

The end result can then be exported to your iPhone’s Camera Roll at varying resolutions ready to be shared online or saved to your computer.

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