HTC Omega WP7 Mango handset leaked

Smartphone details published, includes 1.5GHz processor and 3.8 inch display
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Details of the HTC Omega have spilled out onto the net.

Apparently this upcoming smartphone from HTC will have Windows Phone 7 Mango ready to roll from the box when it launches later this year.

It will also have a 3.8 inch display with a WVGA resolution, an 8 megapixel camera (capable of 720p recording), 1.5GHz processor and 16GB of memory.

Yes, we did say a 1.5GHz processor, although this won’t be a dual-core effort apparently, so not quite as chunky as it at first sounds. The usual bluetooth, GPS, wi-fi and 3G support will also be on board.

However, apart from the OS, Mango, which will delivered to other WP7 handsets when it goes live anyway, there’s not a huge amount to get excited about here. Still, it seems a solid enough handset, and the price point could, of course, be a revelation (perhaps).

The Mango update to WP7 brings with it a cluster of new features to the Windows phone, some 500 in fact. These include deeper integration of social networking, a central inbox which can deal with multiple email addresses, voice-to-text (and vice versa) plus a mobile version of IE9.

HTC’s previous WP7 handsets consist of the Mozart and the Trophy, although the company hasn’t had nearly as much success with these as it has with the big selling Android models such as the Desire.

It’s not alone. In fact, no one has had much success with WP7, a situation that Microsoft has paid Nokia a billion smackers to hopefully change.

Check out the full leaked spec on Gadgetian, where it first emerged.

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  1. rob says:

    Why the cheap shot at the end? its a sign that the writer hasnt actually seen or used a wp7. Or they got their info from an open source programmer whose opinion of microsoft was born 15 years ago. Take a closer look.

  2. Adam Smith says:

    I’m not talking about the quality of the OS, but how it has been adopted - not widely, unfortunately for MS. If you’ve got figures to prove otherwise then would love to see the links.

    That said, while WP7 hasn’t done well thus far - in fact if anything its lost market share vs previous Windows Mobile, has it not? - that may yet turn around when Nokia comes on board. And indeed if other handset manufacturers start looking for alternatives to Android, if Google’s going to be pushing its own smartphones with the Motorola acquisition.

    MS can’t be written off but it definitely hasn’t got off on the right foot.

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