Mobile apps downloads to reach 48 billion in 2015, says new report

Analyst also reckons revenue will top $29 billion in four years time
Matthew Finnegan

July 27, 2011

Mobile app downloads will reach 48 billion in 2015, according to a new report.

With the popularity of smartphones showing no signs of abating it is thought that the market for mobile apps will continue to reap massive revenues.

According to In-Stat forecasts that revenue will surpass $29 billion in 2015. Of course with more and more apps coming onto the market there is going to be more difficulty in getting noticed.

This means that there could be a move towards free applications, meaning that new payment models will likely crop up. But for the moment at least the average price of an app is under $2.50, though we’d expect this to drop over the coming years.

With the likes of Alibaba and Mozilla joining the mobile OS market alongside Apple and Android there will plenty more choice of how to access apps, too. But the newcomers will have a struggle to position themselves with such major players.

In December 2010, the number of apps in the Apple App Store apparently reached 350,000, while the Android Market managed 80,000.

Amy Cravens, Senior Analyst, commented: “Largely spurred by the launch of the iPhone, mobile applications have been a strong growth market over the past several years. The number of applications available has exploded, which has sparked an increasing rate of downloads.”

“As the market matures, developers and app stores must take innovative approaches and compete across multiple platforms to attract users.”

“While the market will become more competitive in the coming years, there is a broad base of interested parties with a vested interest in promoting continued market growth.”


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