Razer Switchblade mobile gaming device to be Intel Atom powered

Netbook-sized device will use Atom Z690 running at 1.7GHz
Darren Allan

July 27, 2011

Razer has announced that its mobile gaming device will be powered by an Intel Atom processor.

To be precise, it will be the world’s first piece of hardware to use the Atom Z690 running at 1.7 GHz. This particular Atom is capable of running games some 13% quicker than its predecessor mobile processors, Razer claims.

First revealed at CES earlier this year, Razer has also been showing off some current popular video games running on the ominously named Switchblade.

Brad Graff, Consumer Marketing Director, Netbook and Tablet Group at Intel, commented: “Intel is very excited to be working closely with Razer on the next generation of mobile handheld PC gaming.”

“The Razer Switchblade concept takes advantage of the Intel Atom processor, providing the performance needed to run 3D PC games in a small and light form factor to enable mobile gaming at significantly less power than a traditional laptop.”

The idea of the Switchblade is to allow PC gamers to play on the move, yet still maintain the levels of precision control they’re used to on a desktop with a mouse and keyboard.

The netbook-sized device has a seven inch multi-touch display, and an adaptive keyboard which can be customised specifically to the game you’re playing. Users can also plug a mobile gaming mouse into the USB port if required.

The OS on board is Windows 7, with wi-fi and 3G connections available for those who want to game online (although on a mobile connection, for some games such as shooters obviously that might be less than ideal).

Still, there’s no denying this is an interesting package, particularly that nifty looking keyboard. If you want to see a demo of the Switchblade in action, there’s a trailer here.


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