Beeb most popular site for civil servants

Auntie Beeb's site was the most popular destination, more so than Google
Kerry Butters

July 29, 2011

The Department for Transport has revealed the top websites visited by employees whilst at work, according to a report by the BBC.

Top of the pile was the Beeb’s website with 7.4 million hits, followed by Google, online newspapers and blogs. Facebook was way down the list in number 85 of the top 1000 published.

The Department for Transport say that employees should restrict internet use to their breaks.

The details were made available following a request under the Freedom of Information Act and covers the period between January and May this year.

Many workers used the web to shop, with Argos winning out as the most visited, followed by sites such as Next, John Lewis and Debenhams.

Sports and betting were popular too, with many surfers keeping their eyes on the score and placing a sneaky bet on sites such as oddschecker, who had 25,808 hits, over three times that of bet365 who managed 7,328.

The DfT said two staff had been disciplined during 2009-10 due to “inappropriate internet usage” (we all know what that means - ed).

A number of novel sites made the list, too. One popular choice for civil servants was an organiser of fantasy role-playing festivals, and a Roman Empire fansite was also high on their to-click list.

Other sites included a belly-dancing studio and one where users can vent their frustration with bad manners in a forum.

A spokesman for the DfT said: “Our internet access policy states that personal use of the internet by staff should be kept as short as possible and should not in any event exceed one hour each day made in their own time, e.g. meal breaks.”

“We also have measures in place to prevent the inappropriate use of internet by staff, for example in relation to pornographic web sites.”

“Personal use should not place excessive demands on ICT [information and communications technology] facilities and should not detract from staff’s performance of their duties.”


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