Twitter announces promoted tweets in user timelines

Social network decides to step up monetisation by spreading the ads around

July 29, 2011

Twitter has announced that it will be putting ads directly into user’s timelines.

An announcement was made on the site’s blog, informing users that it would be testing the service over the next few weeks with a number of its partners such as Groupon.

It is a new attempt for the firm to draw revenue from its social media site, something rival Facebook has proved adept at doing.

Under the new ad scheme promoted tweets will now appear in the timeline, but only tweets from companies or organisations which a user follows.

Apparently the promoted tweets are seen just once and can be “easily dismissed… with a single click.”

Twitter was obviously keen to make it clear that the ads would not be intrusive: “From the start, our philosophy around advertising has been simple: We put our users first and strive to create products that enrich the Twitter experience for every Twitter user.”

However it seems that Twitter users are less than keen to see their timelines filled with companies flogging their products, even if they do actively follow those brands.

@edwardjolmos labelled it “The beginning of the end of Twitter”.

Another tweeter @JGChesney was equally put off: “Uh-oh, just when I was thinking of coming back here from G+: Twitter has begun inserting ads with your tweets”.

Evidently Twitter needs to expand its monetisation efforts, and will be hoping that users aren’t too offended in the main, and it’ll reap extra revenues. Of course, the worry is the next step down the line might be promoted tweets from companies you don’t follow…


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