3DS outsold by PSP

Nintendo's 3DS left playing catch-up against Sony's PSP
Leanne Yip
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Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS was outsold by the PSP last quarter by an amazing two to one.

With the 3DS only selling 710,000 units worldwide and 4.5 million games, compared to the PSP’s 1.8 million units and 6.6 million games.

A six-year-old PSP already out selling the 3DS shows just how important software is for a console’s debut.

Hopefully Sony will learn from Nintendo and have a strong software line-up for when the Vita launches.

Although it seems that Nintendo recognises that when the Vita launches it will be a similar price as the 3DS (prior to the price drop).

The public just doesn’t want to pay the same for a less powerful console despite the 3D, hence this price drop could be what the 3DS needs to rectify the recent sales slump and follow in the footsteps of the high sales of Nintendo’s previous portables.

This could just be a minor setback before the start of the 3DS’ success.

Now that Nintendo has finally addressed the lack of software thanks to the big N’s major franchises like Mario and all the software such as the e-shop and browser being available, Nintendo could dominate again, especially if games continue to come out from popular franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Star Fox and Kid Icarus.

What is really surprising about the figures released for the last quarter was that at the moment the 3DS has no real competition from Sony since the Vita hasn’t been released yet.

Even its 6-year-old console could out sell the 3DS so when the Vita does come out you can imagine just how scared Nintendo should be.

Furthermore, Nintendo is going to make a loss on every 3DS after the price cut, a first for the company.

After the bad news that Nintendo loss over $300 million in the second quarter of 2011, will Nintendo be able to support the 3DS as its Wii and DS sales plummet and the Vita approaches release?

It seems like the bad news keeps coming for the big N, but it’s great news for us, who should see an $80 price cut on August 12th.

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