HTC Desire Gingerbread update released, but for devs only

All personal data and some apps have to be stripped from handset to make it fit
Adam Smith
Adam Smith -

HTC has finally released the Gingerbread update for its popular Desire smartphone – but not in a format for the average user.

You may remember the whole hoo-hah regarding the Android upgrade, as back in June HTC announced that it had decided Gingerbread wasn’t possible on the Desire, despite promising the update previously.

This was due to memory constraints – however, after quite the public outcry, HTC looked into the issue further and reversed its decision, saying Gingerbread would be baked up for the Desire. Although that left questions as to what might get squeezed out of the recipe to make it fit on the smartphone.

Well now it’s been released, although the update in its current form is for developers only, precisely because it does strip a fair bit away from the phone to fit the new OS on.

Should you install the OS, it will remove all personal data from your handset – that means contacts, messages, wallpapers, the lot, so HTC makes it clear everything needs to be backed up.

Several apps need to be junked too (including Facebook), and even more worrying sounding, text functions may stop working. Sounds ideal – but this is why the update is only recommended for developers and expert users who want to test out the new Gingerbread on the Desire.

The rest of us will just have to wait a bit longer until HTC has made further adjustments, so presumably the update will fit without having to bin a whole bunch of important stuff. We’re betting the wait will be a little while yet…

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