Apple HDTV sets coming?

Leanne Yip

August 3, 2011

Of all the rumours about forthcoming Apple products, recent ones about Apple branded HD TVs may seem the most unexpected.

However, the production of OLED TV’s to help integrate Apple TV and Airplay may be a reality, according to analyst notes reported in the Wall St Journal.

According to Trip Chowdhry, three different size HDTV sets, with integrated high end audio, may well be in production for 2012.

While most rumours on new product releases are focused on iPhone and iPads, there has been a peristent suggestion of Apple looking to create a single integrated home media experience.

We’ve already seen the Apple TV box released, and this integrated into a HDTV unit with direct access to iTunes multimedia content doesn’t sound that far fetched at all.

With their unprecedented success in the phone and tablet markets, could this be the new breakthrough from Apple?

Well, the company has certainly set itself at the heart of the multimedia experience – iPod, iPhone, now iPad – are all superb mobile devices for accessing music, TV, and film content on the go.

Yet in terms of home entertainment, users have to settle on the iMac, or an Apple TV box plugged into their existing TV.

A HDTV set with everything integrated may seem like a practical move by Apple – then again, Apple products tend to be priced at the high end of the market.

With so much competition for low margins in HD TV’s already, and with 3D system rising as the current “big thing”, would a high price Apple-branded TV be that realistic?

Plausible though the rumours may seem at first sight, the feeling at Techwatch towers is that someone may have got their wires crossed.

While we may yet see some form of home media centre from Apple in the near future, and that may include a screen component, it’s going to have to be more than just a HDTV set with digital services in our opinion to be a viable consideration.

Still, at least it’s good to see people looking beyond immediate product updates for the iPhone.

As Apple become an increasingly integral part of the media experience, there are certainly various possibilities in which way the company could go from now.


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