Dragons’ Den Duncan Bannatyne’s daughter threatened on Twitter

Dragon's daughter finds herself subject of blackmail attempt via tweeting
Darren Allan
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Duncan Bannatyne of Dragons’ Den fame is at the centre of a tweeting controversy this morning.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Bannatyne received a tweet threatening his daughter from a certain Yuri Vasilyev in Russia.

It read: “My name is Yuri Vasilyev and I’m looking for a £35,000 investment to stop us hurting your Hollie Bannatyne. We will bring hurt and pain into your life.”

The lowlife then added: “We are watching her. She is very attractive. Want photos? Tweet using the hashtag £4money to confirm payment will be made.”

Of course, this was likely to be an empty threat but nevertheless one you have to take seriously when it’s your own family involved.

Bannatyne reacted furiously and offered a reward of £25,000 to anyone who could provide information which would lead to the arrest of the chancing blackmailer. Rather unwisely, he also added that he’d double the reward money “if his arms are broken first”.

A tweet he has since retracted. On his Twitter account, it now simply states: “OK £30,000 reward for info leading to his arrest”, so he also upped the reward by five grand.

Folks have been posting on Bannatyne’s Twitter feed regarding tracing the identity of Vasilyev with some apparent success in following his net trail – he’s allegedly a graphic designer based in Perm (Molotov as was).

Although according to reports the message originated from a net cafe in Moscow. The authorities are apparently looking into the matter.

Bannatyne said of his daughter: “She has protection.”

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