FreePlay Labs releases first video game

Cowboys and Aliens inspired game is a twin stick shooter
Matthew Turner

August 3, 2011

A number of publishing veterans have joined forces in order to create their own digital games publishing company.

FreePlay Labs has been set up by employees from companies such as Atari, Super-Ego and Stormfront to unleash quality video games online.

The first of which is based on the Cowboys and Aliens property, the film which has been recently released starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.

A statement released by the newly-formed company says that they provide in-house production, marketing and distribution “for major license-based interactive properties.”

The outfit is set to focus primarily on digitally released content, and is currently planning to publish titles for consoles as well as smartphones and tablets.

Greg Easley, President of FreePlay, previously co-founded Super-Ego games and Bottle Rocket.

Hudson Piehl is currently acting as the COO, and is the former VP of Atari and Project Director at Stormfront Studios.

The official FreePlay website claims that a number of other staff members have previously worked at high achieving companies such as Disney, EA, Microsoft and Sony – whilst working on games such as Madden NFL and The Lord of the Rings.

Cowboys and Aliens: Silver City Defense is currently available on the App Store.


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