Nintendo Wii U details to arrive in 2012

Nintendo not saying anything more about the Wii sequel this year
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner -

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has confirmed that it won’t be making any further announcements regarding its forthcoming console, the Wii U, until next year.

The price and release date of the first major console since the Wii will be detailed in 2012, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

He said: “Since the Wii U we showed you at the E3 show in June was still in the development phase without very specific proposals on the software titles, we are going to announce the release date and the price next year when we are able to explain the specific proposals.”

Mr Iwata was speaking to investors after the company released disappointing first quarter financial results.

He also expressed his concern that the price cut in the 3DS systems could urge potential customers to hold out a few months before purchasing the Wii U, in the hopes that the price will come down.

He said: “With regard to the influence on the Wii U, what we have to take most seriously is that the price markdown could damage the trust of the consumers who bought the Nintendo 3DS just after the launch. I feel greatly accountable for it.”

The Wii U was showcased at the E3 show earlier this year to great fan optimism. It comes with a large tablet style touchscreen controller which is likely to boast some very novel applications. For example, it could be mounted on a gun peripheral and used as a sight in a shooter game.

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