PlayStation Vita delayed until next year in UK

Sony's handheld will be out in Japan this year, but not the US or Europe

August 6, 2011
PlayStation Vita

Here’s an unfortunate piece of news for handheld gaming fans.

Sony has revealed that its upcoming PSP sequel, the PlayStation Vita, won’t be released this year after all. At least not over here, anyway.

This comes after rumours put the device on course for an October launch, but it seems the leak from Blockbuster was an erroneous piece of information after all.

The PS Vita will actually come out this year, but only in Japan. The US and Europe will have to wait until 2012, with no exact date specified, although it’s apparently going to be revealed at the Tokyo Games Show.

That happens next month, so there’s not too long to wait now for confirmation. The boss at Sony Japan posted this nugget of info on a blog, so you’d hope that this is concrete.

Unfortunately, it seems Sony has also decided on the pricing, and apparently is going for the same level Nintendo initially pitched its 3DS at.

The UK version of the Vita is expected to begin selling at a retail price of £230. Retailers will, of course, likely do it for less – when the 3DS kicked off, it was available at around the £200 mark.

But still, that’s quite expensive for a handheld, and indeed Nintendo has just slashed the price of its device in the light of poor sales. Come mid-August, the 3DS is expected to cost £150 or possibly even less.

You’d think Sony would have to look at these levels to stay competitive too. Although Nintendo will be making a loss on its hardware, and it isn’t clear if that’s a sacrifice Sony will be willing to make.


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