Nintendo 3DS pre-owned sales rise in Japan

New 3DS sales decline in face of price cut, but second-hand units are up
Matthew Turner

August 8, 2011
Nintendo 3DS

The announcement of the Ambassador’s Programme from Nintendo has seen a surge in the sales of pre-owned 3DS’s.

In Japan, the sales of such units have doubled in recent weeks, according to a Nintendo World report.

This comes along with the news that 3DS sales have taken a hit since the announcement of the price drop, set to be put into effect on August 12th.

Poor sales figures for Nintendo’s latest handheld console saw the Japanese company promise to drop the price of the 3DS by a third in the UK (more over in Japan). Meaning it’ll very soon be priced at £150, maybe even less.

But an Ambassador Programme was launched to benefit those who had already purchased a console, consisting of a giveaway of 20 video games. Half of these games are set to be exclusive to early buyers of the 3DS.

The programme is designed to stop those who have already bought their 3DS systems from regretting doing so.

In better news for Nintendo, the company has announced a list of its best selling first-party games for the Wii.

Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart Wii were the biggest sellers, which should come as no big surprise due to their releases coinciding with the Wii hardware.

Super Mario Bros Wii managed to shift an excellent 21.94 million units since 2009, whilst Super Smash Bros sold around 10 million copies.


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