BBC testing fix for iPlayer app on iPad

Some users experiencing problems, patch should be out very soon
Kerry Butters

August 9, 2011

The Beeb is beta-testing a fix for the iPlayer app on the iPad following complaints from users that it doesn’t work properly on the tablet device.

The problems don’t seem to affect all users, making it difficult for the BBC to pin down the issue. Some users reported that they couldn’t get it to work at all, whilst others claimed that streaming programmes would just stop playing in the middle of viewing them.

The issue appeared around February. It seems to primarily affect the iPad 2, and users began making complaints via a forum which the BBC used in an attempt to suss out the exact nature of the problem.

Most users complained that the required content failed to load on recorded programmes, giving the error message ‘this content is not available’. But some said that the iPlayer kept prompting them to connect to Wi-Fi when they already were.

The iPlayer team asked users for more feedback such as technical information about their device and specific error messages.

Speaking on morning show You&Yours last week, Daniel Danker, general manager of BBC programmes on demand, said: “For the vast majority there have been no problems, but for a small group of folks programmes have just not played very well and that’s been very frustrating. So we have been listening to the forums to work out where the problem is and produced a fix which some members of the public are beta testing for us.”

He went on to say that a fix is “just around the corner”, but couldn’t give an exact date as testing is underway to ensure that the patch works. He also added that the reasons behind the glitch were too technical for listeners to understand.

He cited users as the cause of some of the problems and said it’s crucial for users to have a good Wi-Fi connection in order to successfully use the app. It also seems that some users have reported that the problem only occurs in certain parts of the home, but is fine in others.

However, some users retorted by insisting that other apps which rely on their Wi-Fi connection work perfectly well and it is the iPlayer that’s at fault.


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