Sony distribution centre burnt down in London riots

Rioters cause a disco inferno of a very unwanted kind
Kerry Butters

August 9, 2011

Sony say deliveries of CDs and DVDs may be affected in the UK after its Enfield factory was set alight in the London riots.

The company confirmed that a large fire at its Digital Audio Disc Corporation (DADC) distribution centre is being investigated by police. The three-storey, 20,000 square metre site is Sony’s only depot for CDs and DVDs in Britain.

The fire started sometime on Monday night and is now thought to be under control. Eyewitnesses claim that the fire was started by looters. Independent film-makers, music producers and distributors are thought to have been hit hard by the blaze as stock was reduced to ashes.

Sony confirmed in a statement that the building housed CDs, DVDs, BDs and UMDs, and said “there have been no injuries to employees.”

The company added: “The fire is under control but can be described as ‘smouldering’, consequently no one can enter the facility.”

“Therefore at this time we are unable to confirm the extent of the damage or the cause until the fire is fully extinguished and a full investigation can be carried out by authorities.”

The building, which has been used by Sony since July 2006, is now nothing more than a burnt-out shell.

Patrick Woolf, a musician, tweeted earlier: “Today my love goes to PIAS and all the affected labels, I lost my own label “BCM” stock too, the bachelor album and all the 7″ singles”.

He went on to say that the riots had caused him to be evacuated from his favourite restaurant, effectively losing him his dinner as well as music, although we’re sure that the latter was the most painful.


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