Spotify off to a good start in the US

1.4 million users signed up after a month, 175K subscribers on board
Darren Allan

August 9, 2011
Spotify Logo

It’s been a month since Spotify branched out to the US, and it would seem the company’s decision to expand has been validated by early user numbers.

In that first month, the streaming music service has managed to rack up 1.4 million users via its free listening program. Those aren’t official figures, but rather the word of a source who spoke to All Things Digital.

It reaffirms previous industry estimates, though. However, perhaps the really interesting figure is the amount of users who have transferred to the premium subscription after trying out the service.

Those folks number some 175,000, an impressive figure for the initial month, and a conversion rate of bang on one in eight or 12.5% (slightly less than the 15% achieved in Europe, but still, clearly a good start).

The US version of Spotify doesn’t have the same restrictions as it does in Europe for free listeners, with no limit of 10 hours – or the more crippling 5 maximum listens to any song (in our opinion, anyway).

Apparently the latter measures, introduced earlier this year in Europe, were a necessary part of the US expansion to keep the record companies happy.

The more draconian listening measures haven’t yet affected Spotify’s 10 million users in Europe, by all accounts (where it has 1.6 million paying subscribers).

So it seems for the moment that Spotify is playing a winning game, and making good headway despite the likes of Pandora and Rhapsody already being well established over the pond.


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