Apple wins temporary injunction to stop sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple fires out more litigation, this time hitting home on Samsung in Europe
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Samsung’s new slimline Galaxy 10.1 tablet won’t be coming to the UK any time in the near future, as Apple has been granted a temporary injunction preventing the release of the tablet in Europe, excluding the Netherlands.

Apple is suing Samsung for patent infringement and claims that the Galaxy Tab has features that are “slavishly” copied from the technologies of the iPad and iPhone. The Tab has been similarly delayed in Australia, where Apple successfully applied for an order to cease sales.

The ruling was made in a German court and the judgement was apparently decided without any “hearing or presentation of evidence from Samsung.”

Apple is also trying to prevent the release of the tablet in the US, seeking a temporary order to prevent sales, but Samsung has counter-sued the company in South Korea, the US and Germany.

In a statement, Samsung spokesman Kim Titus said the company would “act immediately to defend our intellectual property rights.”

Apple is also expected to go to court on Thursday to attempt to block sales of the Galaxy smartphone.

The injunction prevents both the sale and marketing of the Android-based Galaxy, and the Korean firm can appeal but until its case is heard, the injunction will remain in place. A separate court case is to be heard in the Netherlands.

Apple insists that the Galaxy copies parts of the iPad including hardware, the user interface and packaging and is seeking to impose a fine of up to 250,000 Euros or, should the infringement continue, imprisonment of Samsung managers.

The companies will continue to battle it out in courts across the globe for some time yet, no doubt.

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