Facebook launches new messaging app in the US

Allows Facebookers to message folks who aren't members
Kerry Butters

August 10, 2011

Facebook continues to chase world domination this week with the announcement of a new, separate app for mobile users which can also send messages to those who don’t use the social networking site.

The new messaging system, released yesterday in the US, is designed to simplify how messaging works and is said to be a faster way to message individuals and small groups. Messages are delivered by notifications and text, being received instantly by the recipient.

The app can send messages to people in the Facebook contacts list or your phone contacts, with users able to type a person’s name with the messenger locating them straight away. It is an extension of Facebook messages and all conversations are stored in one place including texts, chat, emails and messages.

A full history of all messages is stored on users’ phones and it is simple to begin group conversations and message everyone at the same time.

The app also has a location feature, so that people can find each other easily on the map and photos can be attached to messages, as well as shared and commented on. Location tracking can easily be switched off, should you not wish friends to see where you are.

Messenger is designed for smartphones, but should you use a standard handset you can still receive messages by confirming your mobile number with Facebook.

Messenger will be available for both iPhone and Android – users can search for “Facebook Messenger” in their phone’s app store, or get a link texted to their phone.

Facebook declined to say when and if the new service would be coming to the UK.


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