Google Earth phishing scam alert

Watch out for this malicious email appearing in your inbox
Kerry Butters

August 10, 2011

I found myself somewhat bemused this morning to find an email in my inbox, apparently from Google Earth requesting that I update the software.

Whilst some (including myself) will immediate recognise this as the phishing scam that it is, others may be inclined to click so be warned not to if the following should appear in your mailbox:

“Dear Google Earth Users,

Before I say anything, I would first like to say THANK YOU.

Since its release, Google Earth has become the premier free software on the internet, bringing the entire world to your desktop.

Two years ago we launched our Earth Enhancement add-on and since that time, millions of Earth users have upgraded their experience with our software.

For our second anniversary, I am expressing my gratitude to you by offering, for a short time, a special Earth code for you to experience what millions of others already have.

Your Earth Code: 2343

Go here to begin your enhanced Earth experience today!

Once again, thank you for making us number one and enjoy your Earth experience.
[Gary C. Halbert]

Todd Robinson
Earth Online Team Founder.”

Interestingly enough, the signature on the email is different from the person it alleges to have come from, with no ‘pp’ in sight. A wee bit suspicious.

The mail comes from the email address, which doesn’t look like an official Google domain to me.

Phishing is becoming an increasingly popular scam online, alongside malware hosting sites and those which install rogue software. As ever, use your common sense and look at the origin domain closely - and keep your anti-virus up to date, too.


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