Survey indicates 7 in 10 UK males are gamers

Over two-thirds of men and 60% of women are gamers

August 10, 2011
Call of Duty Black Ops

Do you enjoy the odd video game or two of an evening or at weekends? If not, then you’re in the minority when it comes to the UK population.

This is according to data gathered by the PopCap National Gamers Survey, which determined that over half the adult population in the UK, France and Germany actively played games.

The percentage was highest in Britain, where 68% of males questioned said they were regular gamers, and 59% of women.

In total apparently there are 153 million gamers in these countries, with no one platform being the dominant choice.

Players are spread around consoles, smartphones, tablets and PCs, including web gaming and indeed social network gaming.

While the UK might play the most, they don’t spend the most, forking out £18.60 per month on average. That was more than Germany – and the US – but less than French folks, who are prepared to spend £22.30 per month on their habit.

As for the breakdown of that game spending in the UK, 44% of the dough went on console titles, 10% on mobile games, 11% on casual gaming websites and just 6% on social networks.

The latter figure is somewhat surprising as we’d have thought perhaps more casual gamers would have been playing away on Facebook and the like.

Paul Breslin, General Manager of PopCap Europe, observed: “What these results tell us is that a one size fits all strategy for Europe doesn’t work as there are quite different platform gaming habits, needs and expectations between France, Germany and the UK.”

“This is clearly a maturing market that has by no means finished evolving. People want to play a range of different games across different platforms. From a publisher’s perspective, this shows the importance of having diversity and multi-platform solutions to reach individual markets in these important regions.”

PopCap is the maker of a big hit game amongst both casual and core game players, Plants versus Zombies. The sequel is keenly awaited…


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