Valve launches Steam Trading beta

Steam customers will be able to trade items and games
Matthew Turner

August 10, 2011
Steam Store

The keepers of the popular digital gaming platform Steam have announced the launch of the beta version of the Steam Trading feature.

Valve has given details on the new service available to Steam users, which includes allowing gamers from around the world to swap virtual items.

Whilst these can be gimmicky items, it is also possible to trade video games between one another.

The beta edition is currently only open to those who have purchased the latest Team Fortress game, with a statement from Valve reading: “Team Fortress 2 items and Steam Gifts can currently be traded in the Steam Trading Beta.”

“Any game you’ve purchased from the store as a gift, or received as an Extra Copy, can be traded to other users. They can be used to trade for other Gifts, or for items in Team Fortress 2.”

“We’ve added a new checkout option to the Store when purchasing a gift so you can save it for trading or sending later, to support users who want to save games for trade fodder.”

Valve has also expressed its wish to include this new feature in more video games in the future, and the company believes a Portal 2 update including Steam Trade will be available soon.


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