Nintendo 3DS price set to drop to £115

Tesco uses pricing muscle to get the console down to near a hundred quid
Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Nintendo 3DS

Tomorrow is the day when Nintendo’s price cut on the 3DS kicks in – and don’t forget that for those who already own the handheld, tonight is the deadline to sign up for the Ambassador Programme on the eShop (which gives you twenty free classic games).

The price slashing action has been taken by the company due to ailing sales of its 3D handheld, and a third is being removed from the RRP.

That will put the official new recommended asking price at £150 – but as we’ve noted before, retailers will flog it cheaper than this.

Quite a lot cheaper, it would seem, as the news on the grapevine is that Tesco will be selling the 3DS for £115. Yes, that’s half the RRP initially announced back in March when the console launched.

A dramatic price cut indeed, although Tesco is pushing the margins down more than anyone else. Although another supermarket, Morrisons, apparently will have it at £120. Amazon will doubtless be dropping to around these levels, too.

Nintendo has also announced that a flame red colour 3DS will be available next month in the US, to give a third colour choice other than black or blue. It should eventually be available in the UK.

It’s only a shame that the flame red console wasn’t available at launch, because it would have been highly appropriate for the loyal early adopters who queued up to buy a 3DS straight away for £200. Because they definitely got burned.

And while 20 classic “ambassador” games is nice, when you think you’ve paid £80 or so for them, it isn’t quite such a sweetener.

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