I’mWatch, a new watch with Android is coming

I'mWatch Bluetooth-enabled watch released as mobile accessory
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Many of the watch phones in the market currently, may look quite cool however most have very little ordinary functionally. On top of that nearly all watch phones look bulky and unfashionable.

However I’mWatch is about to release their stylish new watch that connects to your phone via Bluetooth so doesn’t have its own network connection.

It can connect to any Android, iOS or blackberry phone.

Therefore you will not be able to make calls or send texts just by the watch itself, but it works as an accessory to your mobile phone.

However you can still receive incoming calls and send texts through via the watch.

I’mWatch is able to have simple apps downloaded onto the device such as facebook and twitter. You will only be able to use Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity if your mobile is capable if it.

The 1.54-inch touchscreen can be used for touch, drag, swipe or pinch gestures, which definitely is needed on a small touchscreen for decent navigation.

The CPU is a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 with 64MB of RAM and 4GB of storage which is quite enough to have a few albums and photos, but this will not happily replace your Mp3 player.

The watch has a 600mAh battery which gives you 2 hours of talk time and 48 hours standby which is no a lot but this is expected for such a small slim device.

Costing $360 this is defiantly a luxury. The design of the device is very well made and you can choose the type of material and colour you would like your watch to be made of.

The Android side of the phone may come in useful every now and again however the main question is: wouldn’t it be simpler just to take out your phone out instead?

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