Orange unveils new mobile broadband packages

Small, medium or large packages discounted for Orange customers

August 15, 2011

Orange has just introduced a fresh range of mobile broadband plans for customers who like to surf on the move.

There are three new plans available, tailored for light to heavy users, and simply known as small, medium or large in a Virgin Media style.

The small plan, designed for those who mainly surf and don’t do too much of anything else, offers 500MB of data per month for £10, or £5 to Orange customers.

Medium gives the user 1GB for £15, or £10 if you’re an Orange customer, and large ups the ante considerably to 3GB for those who like to game online, stream movies and the like. The latter is priced at £30 per month, although again Orange users get a fiver off.

Both medium and large plans come with inclusive wi-fi access, adding the benefit of the usage of some 200,000 BT hotspots across the UK.

Along with the new plans, Orange has also produced a fresh piece of hardware, the Orange E5830C Mobile wi-fi device.

This is a portable wireless receiver about the size of your palm, with a broadband signal indicator to show how strong the Orange signal is in any given area. This allows the user to move it around to position the device in the place with the best reception.

The E5830C needs no software installed and can be hooked up to five wi-fi enabled devices, be they phones, laptops, tablets and so on.

The portable wireless receiver should be available in the next few weeks and it’ll be priced at between £20 and £60, Orange says, depending on the mobile broadband plan purchased with it.


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