Sony and GAME announce digital games deal

PlayStation Network content now available in 42 GAME stores in the UK
Matthew Turner

August 15, 2011

Sony has announced a partnership with UK high-street retailer GAME that will allow the sale of PlayStation Network content in stores throughout Europe.

GAME has launched this new system in 42 of its stores throughout the UK, with the plan to introduce the content nationwide by mid-September, and then rest of Europe shortly after.

The content includes a number of digital titles, including video game downloads, game add-ons and subscriptions to the PS3 Network.

Currently, the only available games are those developed by Sony themselves, including: MAG, God of War, Wipeout Fury, Killzone map packs and Uncharted 2’s expansion Siege.

In a statement, GAME CEO Ian Shepherd said: “This is a significant step forward in our digital strategy. For the first time, gamers will be able to browse a wide range of digital titles for the PlayStation Network in our stores, alongside a variety of other digital and physical products.”

“This is important because it offers customers more choice, more advice and more control than they can get online. Our partnership with SCEE means that we can offer customers an unbeatable range and great value across all the gaming channels.”

“The partnership reflects the close and long standing relationship between GAME and SCEE across Europe as both companies move rapidly to innovate and bring new products and services to customers.”

GAME is claiming that this will now make them the biggest digital games retailer in Europe, with the widest range of titles in the most shops.


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