Nintendo 3DS price cut sparks increased sales in Japan

Japanese retailers experience the best week of sales since the launch of the handheld
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner -

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has seen a dramatic increase in 3DS sales as a result of the sharp price cut that has just been implemented globally.

Reports in Japan are estimating that retailers have sold between 207,000 and 214,000 3DS units since the price drop.

There are currently no official figures for sales in the UK or the US since the change in RRP.

The numbers are the highest that Nintendo has seen in any week since the launch of the handheld console, when it sold an estimated 371,000 in February.

Apparently, over 1.5 million units have now been shipped in Nintendo’s home country, with a third of those coming from the opening week and the time since the price cut.

Whilst there’s no official word from other nations, reports in the US are stating that they have seen similar results to their Japanese counterparts. And the UK isn’t likely to be much different.

Rumours that New York, Connecticut and New Jersey’s video game retailers have been performing well have been circulating, with most of them having apparently sold out already.

US retailing giant GameStop has dropped the price down from $250 to $170, whilst some UK retailers are offering the 3DS for as little as just over £100. Half of what early adopters paid for it.

The steep price decrease came after disappointing sales figures were revealed for the summer.

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