Sony expected to make an initial loss on PS Vita

Hopes that within three years the handheld will be turning a profit
Matthew Turner

PlayStation Vita

A video games analyst has predicted that Sony will initially make a loss on every PS Vita unit they sell.

Kazuharu Miura, an SMBC Nikko Securities analyst, believes that the tech company will lose around 5,000 yen (£40) on each Vita unit.

Mr Miura is predicting that Sony will sell around 2.5 million units before the close of the current fiscal year, ending March 2012.

He also expects around 7 million PS Vita games to be sold in the same time frame, with the following fiscal year (ending March 2013) seeing 8.5 million Vita’s sold and 28 million games.

This would mean that the loss the company would be making on their consoles would drop to around 2,500 yen (£20) in the fiscal year ending March 2013.

These claims mirror the statements made by Sony itself as recently as June, when Kaz Hirai, PlayStation boss, said that they expect the Vita to make a profit within the first three years after its release.

The handheld will be released in Japan before the end of 2011, whilst the rest of the world will have to wait until the new year.

When it does finally make an appearance in the UK, it will set you back £229 – although this is the retail price, not the point that retailers will necessarily sell it for.

There is considerable pressure on Sony to drop the Vita’s price after Nintendo drastically cut the 3DS price due to poor sales. Nintendo is also thought to be making a loss on every unit of its handheld sold.

However, there’s also considerable pressure on Sony to make money for investors, following recent bleak fiscal performances.

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