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Google opens up file sharing social network on iOS
Kerry Butters

August 18, 2011
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Google’s Photovine app, previously only available from the App Store for selected users, is today at last open to all.

The app is based around the idea of sharing photos using themes, called ‘vines’ which work like tags. Vines are effectively categories in which users can add their own pictures to, the app can then be synced with social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Vines can then ‘grow’ according to the amount of photos posted relating to the central theme, photos are connected via a common caption created by the person who began the vine.

As your vine grows, it’s only possible for you to delete photos or comments that you yourself have added, not that of others. However, should someone add a pic to your vine that you find offensive in any way, you can flag this for removal.

Followers can be obtained by sharing good photos and the app is essentially a form of social media for photography lovers, like any social networking site more followers will find you the more you interact with other people and comment on different photos and vines.

Friends can easily be added using the ‘find friends’ on the activity tab and from here you can also send invites to people you think may be interested in sharing photos.

Sharing via Facebook or Twitter is simple using ‘switches’ that you tap to turn on and off and when enabled the pic will automatically be posted to your wall, alongside a link to the full-size version of the photo.

There is also a function to “Loop In” specific friends – just choose which friends you want to share with and they will be sent an email or text with a link to the photo.

The concept of the app is to share self-expression through the medium of photography, not just post pics that you have randomly found on the internet.


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