PS3 and 3DS sales increase

Sales of the PS3 and 3DS are reportedly see a surge
Matthew Turner

August 19, 2011

Both the PS3 and 3DS consoles have seen a dramatic increase in sales in the US since their developers announced a price cut in the past few weeks.

Whilst Japan has already seen a surge in sales of the 3DS, US retailer GameStop has said that the 3DS system has seen a “significant” increase in popularity.

The same has also been said for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console which only put a price drop into action in the last week.

Tony Bartel, president of GameStop confirmed the news at a quarterly earnings call:

He said: “In terms of recent trends, clearly, we’ve had two major events recently with the price drop on the 3DS and the recent price drop on the PS3 platform.

“That has seen a significant increase in the rate of sale of those platforms, as you would expect. So we see that as a good barometer for what is going to take place in terms of the installed base in the back half of the year.”

Whilst a price drop for the PS3 was always expected at some point during its presence, the decision to cut the 3DS price by Nintendo was a shock.

However, it was one deemed necessary due to poor sales performances across the globe since its release in March.

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