PlayStation Home to undergo redesign

Set for shift from virtual world to social gaming playground
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner -


Sony has announced that it will be giving the PlayStation Home virtual world a complete makeover, with the idea of turning it into a social gaming hub.

The current virtual world was released in 2008 and presently has around 23 million registered users.

But it is believed that the novelty has worn off when it comes to the virtual reality bandwagon, and Sony therefore considered other options for its online network.

The preferred route it seems, given its explosive rise over the past year or two, being social gaming.

Jack Buser, the director of the current Home format, said that this shift will be massive leap forward for the platform.

He also said that the Home system itself will effectively become a game, and the whole idea will revolve around players interacting and competing with one another.

Mr Buser suggested that something could be in the pipeline last month, when he said that Home users are “the most hardcore gamers on the PlayStation 3.”

The new scheme will feature a number of large scale group games that can be teleported to, as well as a new location that will replace the current central plaza area.

The new Home format will be arriving sometime during the Autumn.

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