B&O BeoVision 7 55 inch 3DTV launched

Comes with motorised stand and integrated 3D Blu-ray player
Darren Allan

August 24, 2011

Bang & Olufsen, maker of expensive televisual and audio equipment, has announced the launch of a new version of the BeoVision 7 TV.

The 55 inch set comes with 3D technology alongside a built-in 3D Blu-ray player, and a motorised stand so you can swivel it around (or indeed tilt the set forwards and backwards) to ensure the best viewing angle and picture.

The BeoVision 7 has been around since 2004, and has been Bang & Olufsen’s best-selling television, generally regarded as the flagship model. And this 3D refresh keeps it bang up to date with contemporary technology.

CEO Tue Mantoni commented: “I am excited that we are now able to offer our customers an upgraded BeoVision 7 experience which also allows for 3D viewing. Many of our BeoVision 7 customers have asked for this and now it is here.”

The 55 inch screen uses a new “direct-type” LED backlight which has local dimming for a greater contrast level, and boasts various technological innovations such as “VisionClear” to ensure a smooth picture.

The 3D is of the active variety requiring shutter glasses, and we’re guessing that it’ll be of a pretty high quality given that B&O generally don’t do things by halves.

A long speaker runs along the bottom of the BeoVision 7 and the company claims its quality rivals “many hi-fi systems”. So with that and the Blu-ray player built-in, you’ve pretty much got a full all-in-one solution.

A flash custom remote is also provided, and about the only thing this 55 inch set doesn’t do is net TV. If you want to have a peep at a trailer showing off the new BeoVision 7, then head over here.

There’s no mention of the price, but you can bet your motorised tilt and swivel stand it’ll be on the dear side.


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