Samsung Galaxy smartphones banned in Europe

Apple wins a judgement against Samsung in Holland, threatening sale of Galaxy smartphone across Europe

August 24, 2011

Samsung’s popular Galaxy smartphones have been effectively been banned in Europe, after court action by Apple.

Apple claimed a number of patent violations, as well as that Samsung effectively copied the iPhone when designing the Galaxy S and SII and Ace models.

The claims were filed in Holland, and while the presiding judge rejected most of Apple’s complaints, one relating to a patent for viewing images on a smartphone was upheld.

Patent EP 2059868 describes an interface for viewing and navigating photos on a smartphone, and in securing that complaint, Apple have potentially killed Samsung smartphone sales in Europe.

This is because Holland is Samsung’s import centre, for distribution of its products across Europe.

That means if upheld, it means Samsung can’t ship to Holland - meaning the company must completely rewrite its logistics if it hopes to sell any Galaxy or Ace phones in Europe.

This could also potentially threaten the sale of Samsung’s coming smartphone releases.

It’s not an immediate ban, though. Samsung have seven weeks to act with an appeal before the judgement kicks in.

Interestingly enough, the patient violation Apple was able to get a judgement on relates specifically to the Google Android operating system.

This means that, if the claim continues to be upheld, Apple now potentially has the tool to block almost any Android smartphone from sale in Europe.


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