Treyarch planning for Call of Duty 9

Developer is advertising for a level designer, game designer and scripter
Matthew Turner

August 25, 2011
Call of Duty Black Ops

Treyarch has already set plans in motion for next year’s release of Call of Duty, set to be the ninth game in the series.

The developer behind the highly successful and critically acclaimed Black Ops has posted a job listing for a multiplayer level designer.

The job, posted on the Treyarch’s official website as well as on Gamasutra, requires the prospective candidate to have “an expert understanding of the Call of Duty game universe.”

Another position that the studio is looking to fill is a job as a game designer and scripter, according to the website.

Treyarch would ideally see this job filled by someone with who is an “expert on recent first person shooters and the trends of the genre.”

Candidates could be required to demonstrate these skills to Treyarch during the interview process, which may contain “a design test utilizing Call of Duty mod tools.”

Although the firm hasn’t officially been confirmed as the developer of Call of Duty 9, it is widely expected that the trend of alternating the creators of every other game released will continue.

Ever since Infinity Ward published the first two games in the franchise, it has worked on Call of Duty’s 4, 6 and the forthcoming 8 – all under the Modern Warfare titles.

Treyarch has, meanwhile, developed CoD’s 3, 5 and most recently 7 (Black Ops, which has now become the best-selling video game of all time).


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