Google TV coming to UK within 6 months

Channel 4 and Five are already on board
Kerry Butters

August 26, 2011
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Google TV is set to hit the UK some time in the next 6 months, following its launch in the US last October and subsequent delay in coming to Britain. The service was actually expected to launch late last year.

GTV is accessed through a set-top box connected to a TV, meaning that viewers can watch catch-up services on their main TV set, rather than on a computer.

The plans are expected to be announced and detailed at this year’s Edinburgh Television Festival by Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

The service will allow people to switch between the TV and internet without any fuss. Viewers will be able to search for content on both mediums with one click.

Searches can be made without the need for a remote using smartphones or even the viewer’s own voice.

It’s expected that the Google TV will include a special high definition version of YouTube, and will use the Android OS alongside Chrome for browsing. Apps will also be available, as will TV guides that show all that both TV and the internet has on offer to watch.

Schmidt is expected to outline the benefits of partnering with the UK TV industry after a number of major American networks blocked the service in the US.

However, Google has already signed contracts with Channels 4 and 5 and is touting iPlayer and ITV player as being a major draw for viewers.

Speaking earlier this year, Schmidt said: “I have always been a profound optimist about the potential for technology to improve people’s lives - though I am also a realist and understand it can be immensely disruptive in the process. So I look forward to discussing the opportunities and challenges ahead for the TV industry in Edinburgh.”


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  1. Heinz says:

    I assume the delay is getting Sky to agree to the same sort of interactivity as DirecTV in the States.

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