Modern Warfare 3 weapon details emerge

Foldable scope will allow players to switch quickly between long and short range combat
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner -

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward has given out a couple of details regarding the weaponry of its forthcoming Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3.

One feature that fans will be able to play around with is ‘foldable scopes,’ used to quickly fold down that sniper scope in favour of a normal sight.

This allows the player to keep using the same weapon and change between short and long range combat quicker and more effectively than in other games, where you’re normally required to switch out your rifle.

Also revealed was a new weapon nicknamed the “Punisher”, an XM25 burst grenade launcher which is designed to explode one meter after it reaches a laser pointer-targeted area.

Meanwhile, tech firm GUNNAR has revealed it is producing a set of CoD glasses, after the company formed a partnership with Activision.

The glasses are designed to enhance the Call of Duty experience with a number of exciting features, similar to those released for last year’s Black Ops game.

Some of these features include “custom spring hinges, a magnesium alloy frame and wide coverage lenses, provide an ultra sharp view into the farthest ranges of your peripheral vision.”

“Adjustable nose pads accommodate a wide range of facial features with venting details inspired by the latest technology in military machinery.”

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