Sapphire HD 6850 Vapor-X graphics card unveiled

Further overclocking available via free TriXX utility
Adam Smith
Adam Smith -

Sapphire has announced a new graphics card in its line-up on the Radeon side.

The HD 6850 is clocked up to give it more pep, and comes with a custom cooling solution to keep temps down, which is what the Vapor-X name refers to.

The 6850 is the younger brother to the 6870 (which in turn are the more budget conscious alternatives to the 6970/50), yet with a bit of overclocking, it should be able to come closer to the 6870 in terms of performance.

Sapphire has managed to clock up the core to 800MHz (from 775MHz) and the memory up to 1100MHz (from 1000MHz).

So that’s a reasonably modest but useful overclock, but the cooler which ensures there’s no danger of flogging the board’s guts out by pushing it also comes with an extra benefit.

The Vapor-X runs more quietly than a reference cooler, meaning the inside of your PC is less likely to sound like an aircraft hangar with a Tornado rumbling out to the runway when running the latest games at high details.

Further overclocking is doubtless possible, and Sapphire notes that an overclocking tool – TriXX – is available for free on the company’s website to allow enthusiast owners to push their 6850 closer to its limits.

In terms of ports, the graphics card comes with two DVI, an HDMI and two mini DisplayPorts. Up to four monitors can be supported using Eyefinity.

While the price hasn’t been officially announced, we’d imagine it’ll generally be around the £150 mark. One (obscure) online retailer already has it up for £140.

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