UK student launches hacker ranking website

Ranking system separates the 'hacking men' from the 'script kiddies'
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A new website has emerged that gives hackers the chance to compare their skills to others in the hacking community. has seen a surge in popularity with more than 700 hackers submitting evidence of their attacks on more than 1200 web sites.

The site was created by UK web developer “s0lar” and intended to “fix the problem of ranking in the hacking underground.”

The idea is that when a hacker submits a site that he has accessed, he must leave a hidden code behind that will show off his skills. The hack is then accessed by others on the site and points are awarded.

This is intended to show-off a hacker’s skill and give “a clear indication of [...] general abilities.” It also serves to track achievements, under an alias of course, and allows others the chance to establish the calibre of any hacker they are in contact with.

The site includes a “bounty section” which is intended to focus the abilities of talented individuals against “political and government forces that need to be put back inline.”

There is also a “duelling system” which allows hackers to challenge each others’ abilities and provides a competitive aspect to the site, which many of its users appear to revel in.

RankMyHack was created in order to overcome the boastful conversations often participated in when hackers congregate on the likes of IRC channels. It can be difficult to separate the skilled operators from so-called script kiddies, but on this site hackers can theoretically easily see who can actually back up their claims of being the best.

Points are awarded depending on the skill of the hacker and how difficult the hacks performed were to carry out. The hackers are then ranked by the amount of points they have amassed and can appear on the “leaderboard of legends”.

S0lar told the New York Times that he is a computer science student from the UK who had previously engaged in illegal hacking to develop his skills, but never in any criminal acts such as fraud.

He declined to disclose his real identity but said that he would like to have a career in computer security.

The current leader on the ranking board is a hacker that goes by the handle of “kiddis” who gained a lot of points for hacking The Whitehouse website.

However, the bounty section of the website, where users can choose from websites that have a high points rating is currently inaccessible. Why? Due to the amount of media outlets attempting to access it, apparently…

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