Forza 4 to feature Halo’s Warthog

Although you won't be able to drive it... or any Porsche cars, either
Darren Allan

August 28, 2011
Forza 4 Warthog

Forza 4 is the keenly awaited next instalment of Microsoft’s exclusive driving franchise for the Xbox (of course, the PS3 has Gran Turismo).

And a couple of pieces of news have emerged about the game which is due to be launched in the middle of October.

The new Warthog model from Halo 4 (due for release at the end of next year) will be appearing in the game – but before your jaw drops too far, it won’t actually be drivable. That would be a little bit too silly…

It will, however, be implemented in the car “autovista” showcase mode, where you get to walk around virtual models of the game’s supercars and look closely at the dashboard, leather seats, chrome gear stick and so forth. While making Clarkson-esque comments about leg room and drink holders, possibly.

Autovista will also be Kinect compatible, so you’ll get to virtual nosey around the Warthog for real with the motion control system – if that makes any sense.

In other more disappointing Forza news this week, it turns out that there won’t be any cars from Porsche in the game, which is quite the omission.

This is because Turn 10, the developer of Forza, couldn’t successfully agree terms of a sub-licensing deal with EA to include the brand. Apparently EA was being obstinate, although that’s obviously the dev’s side of the tale.

There were, of course, Porsche cars in the third Forza outing which EA allowed, so why the change of heart isn’t clear, as EA hasn’t yet commented on the situation.

We’re still looking forward to Forza 4, of course, but Porsche fans may be quite disappointed. If they’re also Halo fans, however, at least they’ve got some form of consolation.


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