Nexus Prime to be made by Samsung?

Makers of the Nexus S to continue with the Prime handset
Darren Allan

August 29, 2011

Android has been a huge success story for Google. Since its inception, the OS has picked up a scary pace, becoming the number one smartphone platform with over 500,000 activations happening daily (although that figure also includes tablets).

Google’s actual smartphones running Android haven’t made quite such an impact, however. The Nexus One floundered upon launch, and while the Nexus S (pictured) fared better, it was certainly no Galaxy S.

Google will no doubt be hoping for better things in the future in terms of hardware, firstly with the acquisition of Motorola, but also from its Nexus Range which – speaking of the Galaxy S – is apparently going to be manufactured by Samsung.

It isn’t a surprising choice, as Samsung produced the Nexus S (although not the original Nexus which was handled by HTC). reports that Samsung has let slip the fact it’s producing the next Nexus, as well as confirming the name of the Google smartphone – the Nexus Prime (a moniker which was leaked out a couple of weeks back, the world of smartphones having more leaks than the world of watering cans).

Sammy made the blunder – or purposeful leak, perhaps – in a cease and desist order regarding a rumoured leak of the firmware for the upcoming phone. An order which mentions its “Nexus Prime” handset no less than five times.

So now speculation has begun in earnest about what sort of hardware the Prime will boast.

A spacious 4 inch plus Super AMOLED display is likely, as is NFC on board (and 4G). Other rumours suggest a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a blisteringly fast unit which would definitely raise a few eyebrows. And concerns about battery life…

The next incarnation of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, is also pretty much a given to be showcased on the Prime. It’ll also be coming to the Nexus S.


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