Toshiba to reveal third Android tablet at IFA

Third time's the charm for Toshiba, perhaps...
Adam Smith
Adam Smith -

Toshiba Thrive

Toshiba has done reasonably well for itself in the world of laptops, but hasn’t managed to shift over to the new portable territory of tablets with much success thus far.

The less said about the initial effort from Tosh, the turgidly named Folio 100, the better (it was pulled off the shelves by Dixons & company following higher than expected numbers of returns).

And the second effort from the firm was the recent Toshiba Thrive, just launched in the US, but apparently not making its way over to these shores.

The Thrive has had a somewhat lukewarm reception, though. While it’s a nippy Tegra 2 powered device, it’s pretty chunky and heavy, and generally lacking in Apple’s design flair which is undoubtedly part of what has made the iPad a massive hit.

This hasn’t deterred Toshiba, however, with the company planning to reveal a third crack at the tablet market come IFA (which starts at the end of this week).

The as yet unnamed device – although rumours are pointing to the moniker Excite – is an Android slate once again, but this time round it’s going to be slim and svelte like the iPad and new 10 inch Galaxy Tab.

It’ll still be nippy as the Thrive was, as apparently Tosh is planning on a 1.5GHz processor to keep apps flying along. No other specs have been mentioned at this stage, although the slate will obviously be running Honeycomb.

We’ll get the full low-down later this week (or early next), of course, and will bring you that as soon as we hear anything.

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