Xbox Live 3D update coming soon?

3D support needed for upcoming titles such as Gears of War 3
Matthew Turner

August 31, 2011

Details regarding Microsoft’s plans to bring 3D to the Xbox 360 console have spilled out onto the net.

According to a leaked screenshot, a 3D-related update will be available to Xbox gamers with access to the Internet in the coming days.

The move is seen as preparation for the arrival of a number of forthcoming gaming titles that will include 3D support, including Gears of War 3, Batman: Arkham City and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary.

The spilled screenshot showed a menu giving the option to activate the update, which would apparently “enable 3D to use stereoscopic 3D in games and experiences that support it.”

3D is set to be the next big thing for gaming consoles with many more video game developers are expected to take advantage of the modern technologies available to enhance gaming experiences.

In other Microsoft console news, Xbox Live Arcade is set to receive the classic game Radiant Silvergun on September 14th.

News that the title would be released came as far back as last year’s Tokyo Game Show.

The game will cost Xbox Live subscribers 1200 Microsoft points, the average price of an Arcade game.

This version will contain brand new visuals as well as co-op play, and will include online leaderboards.


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