Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 date announced

Will Ninty be revealing a redesigned 3DS, or additional games... or perhaps both?
Matthew Turner

September 1, 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has confirmed details regarding a 3DS event taking place prior to next month’s Tokyo Game Show.

Last week, rumours were circulating that a conference would be held to announce a new 3DS system with tweaks to the hardware being implemented.

Those rumours have been given some fuel as Nintendo has announced that the conference will focus on a “3DS new product announcement.”

However, this could also mean new information on forthcoming 3DS games rather than a new system design.

According to the rumours, if a rejigged 3DS were to be released, it would contain a second analogue stick on the right hand side.

The actual 3D effects would also be toned down after some minor complaints from Nintendo’s consumers.

Entitled The Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011, the event will take place on September 13th at Noon local Japanese time. It will also be streamed live online on websites Nico Nico and Ustream.

In other Nintendo news, the first part of the firm’s Ambassador’s Programme went live in the UK today for those eligible.

You can now download ten classic NES games, for free, from Nintendo’s eShop, providing you bought your 3DS console before the radical price drop.


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