Sony Ericsson Live brings back walkman

Sony brings back the Walkman - this time as an Android mobile
Leanne Yip

September 1, 2011

Sony walkmans transformed music - you could listen to it on the move. However, that was in the days when music cassettes were the norm, and they are long gone.

Now Sony Ericsson are trying hard to bring this success back with a revitalised form for mp3 playback.

Running the popular Android 2.3 gingerbread OS, navigating through menus is simple. The 3.2-inch touchscreen is an average size screen being a little smaller than the iphone’s screen which is 3.5-inch.

With a dedicated walkman button, music is certainly the centre of this phone.

Sony Ericsson has included a feature called xLOUD which lets you listen to your music at high volumes, through the speakers without distortion.

If you are seeking a quality device for playing your music out loud this is the one for you, because many other phones have poor clarity speakers.

In addition due of the well established walkman music interface, it’s extremely easy to make your own playlists and shuffle through songs.

On the other hand what it lacks is a sleek mp3 player like form factor. Being 14.2 mm thick this phone will not exactly be comfortable in your pocket, to put this into proportion to the Samsung galaxy s II it is 5.7mm thicker.

However, it does come with a good 320GB of storage, which beats most other phones and even the iPod Touch.

There are 2 colour choices black and white, and the walkman has an average speed 1GHz processor.

Moreover there is a front facing VGA camera in addition to the 5 megapixel camera on the back. The main camera s quite impressive as it has an 8x digital zoom and can capture HD video in 720p.

This is great mobile phone if you want to use it for primarily music and camera use. With Android 2.3 it will be a good device for some small apps, and the interface will suit the small screen.


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