PS3 expected to outsell 360, unless a price cut is delivered

Michael Pachter believes Microsoft will be forced into a price cut
Matthew Turner

September 2, 2011

A tech industry analyst has claimed that the PS3 has the potential to outsell the Xbox 360 over the holiday period.

Michael Pachter has predicted that Microsoft will have to drop the price of the 360 if it expects to hold off Sony’s PS3 and come out the winner this Christmas.

The 360 has comfortably outsold the PS3 throughout the year, but the recent price drops of the PS3 and 3DS have seen sales increase rapidly.

Mr Pachter has stated that he believes it is too close to call at the moment, but he reckons the PS3 will win the battle unless Microsoft makes changes to the Xbox’s RRP.

He did, however, say that he believed the 360 will come down in price as soon as the firm sees sales figures that boast higher PS3 numbers – and that he is sure Microsoft already has the ads for a 360 price cut printed out.

Perhaps fuelling Mr Pachter’s prediction, news has come from Australia that PS3 sales have increased by an incredible 400%.

The price cut was put into play on August 22nd and led to the surge in sales in just one week. In contrast, UK sales jumped by 65%, but that’s still a big gain.


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